In this section of the MultiSuper portal we list the main research topics of the network (other topics can be added upon request).

Clicking on the "Topic" tabs on the horizontal navigation bar reveals a list of selected publications, with direct link to the journal or the archive web sites. Each node of the MultiSuper Network provides in average 10 most recent or most relevant publications spread between different topics. Accompanying short comments by the Authors are welcome, intended to facilitate new collaborations, connections among topics and nodes, or future developments of published works.

To submit the list of publications of your lab, please contact Andrea Perali - see the contact page.

Topic 1: Multi-band/gap superconductivity in novel materials and hybrids.

Topic 2: Multi-component ultracold atoms and molecules.

Topic 3: Superfluidity and superconductivity in graphene (and related) heterostructures.

Topic 4: Multi-component superconductivity and superfluidity under extreme confinement.

Topic 5: Topological and interface superconductivity.

Topic 6: Experimental and theoretical methods in multi-component superfluidity and superconductivity.

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Searched topics: multicomponent superconductivity; multicomponent cold atoms; multicomponent superfluidity; multiband superconductivity; multiband superfluidity; graphene electron-hole superfluidity.

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